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IndieSquare is a leading company in the blockchain 2.0 token economy space,
Helping creators and developers realize the potential of blockchain for their projects and services.

Our Products

IndieSquare Wallet

IndieSquare Wallet is the world’s first mobile wallet for Counterparty, the protocol on top of the Bitcoin blockchain which allows the creation of original coins(tokens) by embedding extra data onto the blockchain. Private keys are encrypted on the client side and highly secured.

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Customize your tokens and manage all your tools in one place with IndieBoard.
Unique and creative token applications start here.
Tip Button
Return your tokens to users who tip you bitcoin.
Distributing your original token to your fans or supporters helps monetize your content while at the same time creating a community around your token.

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Case studies

Zaif wallet

 Zaif, the leading cryptocurrency exchange in Japan, takes advantage of IndieSquare. Not just a regular mobile Bitcoin Wallet, Zaif Wallet allows token transactions opening the door for many interesting use cases such as token voting.

Spells of Genesis & SaruTobi

By linking games to IndieSquare wallet you enable tokenized game items to move freely between different games and platforms. A more open and innovative form of gaming is already beginning.


Using IndieSquare API, you can drop and pick up Counterparty tokens as well as bitcoins on takara. Drop tokenized coupons, points, game items and much more and let takara work as an effective marketing tool for you.


IndieSquare is publishing APIs and SDKs for developers.
In addition to creating basic transactions such as issuing, sending, placing orders on the decentralized exchange, you can customize token information, connect IndieSquare Wallet to other applications securely and much more.
We are constantly adding useful features in order to help developers build innovative token applications with ease.

Company profile

Members of IndieSquare

Yuta Hoshino

Co-Founder & CEO

In 2007, Yuta released a mobile game “Bike Rider” as a college student majoring in Computer Science. He eventually dropped out of college to start his own game company and the Bike Rider series became a big hit, amounting to 27 million downloads to this day. Soon after selling his business in 2013, he became fascinated by Bitcoin and blockchain technology and co-founded IndieSquare to lead the field of the token economy.

Koji Higashi

Co-founder and COO
Koji has been working in the bitcoin space since 2014 getting involved in projects which utilize tokens. As one of the first people to see potential in custom tokens on the blockchain in Japan, he’s been pioneering and leading the field ever since. He’s also a well-known writer and speaker in the Bitcoin space in Japan. Aside from work he’s into basketball, hip hop music and believes ramen is the best food.

Yusaku Maezono

Executive Officer

Yusaku is an experienced web and mobile application engineer. After developing banking systems, he’s been involved in various Bitcoin projects. He realized the massive potential of blockchain technology and joined IndieSquare to make it a reality. He’s responsible for API design and the backend system development. He’s often spotted wandering about in Akihabara.

Christian Moss

Mobile developer

Christian is a mobile application developer and has created various projects in the bitcoin ecosystem such as the bitcoin tipping game "SaruTobi" and the crypto geocaching app "takara". When he is not busy programming he enjoys playing guitar, lifting heavy objects and drinking tea.

News Release

IndieSquare Official Blog: latest updates on IndieSquare and blockchain technology
[2017/11/09][Called off]Upcoming Segwit 2x hard fork
[Update] Segwit2x HF that was scheduled has been canceled. You can continue to use the IndieSquare Wallet safely even after November 16…
Tags: Blockchain Indiesquare Counterparty Bitcoin Ecosystem

[2017/08/27]IndieSquare SDKs are here!
IndieSquare has officially launched their set of SKDs to easily allow developers to incorporate tokens, issued on the blockchain, into…
Tags: Blockchain Indiesquare Developer Counterparty Bitcoin

[2017/11/29]KIZUNAとIndieSquare Walletが連携しました!
株式会社IndieSquareは、株式会社グラコネが運営するビットコインによる寄付支援プラットフォーム「KIZUNA(」と連携、寄付をIndieSquare Walletからシームレスに行えるようになりました。
Tags: New Features Developer Counterparty Blockchain Indiesquare

[2017/12/17]Introducing 3 new features on IndieBoard
1,Subasset issuance
Tags: Blockchain

[2017/11/16]“Token explorer” beta release
In face of blockscan’s unfortunate shutdown, IndieSquare released “token explore” for Counterparty transactions. Please note this is still…
Tags: Blockchain

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