Blockchain for Individuals
Empowering Applications Within The Token Economy

Our Mission

Creating A New Economy For Individuals

With blockchain technology it has become possible for individuals to securely create digital value and transfer that value across the internet.
We allow developers to register and interact with tokens/assets on the bitcoin and ethereum blockchain via Counterparty and the ERC-20 protocols.
Using IndieSquare you can easily incorporate your tokens into your applications opening them up to the blockchain ecosystem.

Issue your own tokens and easily integrate them into your applications.
Use the borderless nature of blockchain and open up your products to the world

With IndieSquare in depth knowledge of blockchains is not necessary, allowing you to focus on developing great apps and products

Development Lifecycle


Issuing a token and setting up data

Issuing tokens can be done easily from the dashboard. You can also register a token icon, image and additional information to increase your token's appeal.


Download SDKs

We offer SDKs for Unity (C#), Native Android (Java), Javascript and Xcode (iOS) Download the optimum SDK for your environment and get started!


Implementing your token into your applications!

By incorporating the SDKs your apps can access and interact with your token on the blockchain. For example your token could be used as a power up in a game, or a reward point in an app.

Apps using IndieSquare

"Takara" is a GPS based treasure hunting app for virtual currency. By using the IndieSquare API it easily gets token icon images and details. Collected tokens are sent directly to IndieSquare Wallet where they can be stored securely.

"Sarutobi Island" is the world's first RPG that allows the user to summon monsters using blockchain tokens. Using IndieSquare SDK for Unity the app is able to link with the user's IndieSquare Wallet, securely verify and read the user's token balance granting them access to those tokens in the game.

"Book of Orbs" is a mobile app which lets you collect and trade ORBs (Ownership Revolution on the Blockchain), a completely new class of digital assets made possible by blockchain technology. IndieSquare also participates in development of the app, building the blockchain infrastructure and processing transactions such as trading orders and token sends.

"Zaif Wallet" is a mobile wallet provided by Tech Bureau, one of the largest Crypto currency exchanges in Japan. IndieSquare API / SDKs is adopted for development allowing them to create the app in a short period of time. The Zaif token listed on the exchange was issued via IndieSquare services.

Let's Get Started!

IndieSquare is publishing APIs and SDKs for developers.
In addition to creating basic transactions such as issuing, sending, placing orders on the decentralized exchange, you can customize token information, connect IndieSquare Wallet to other applications securely and much more.
We are constantly adding useful features in order to help developers build innovative token applications with ease!
  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Monacoin
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Unity
  • Web
  • Nodejs
  • Objective-C
  • C#
  • Swift
  • Java
  • Javascript

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